All on Mobile Work app by My App Center


Develop and design software driven service which provides access to enterprise applications via mobile devices.
Improve the internal flow of the company by streamlining process and increasing overall efficiency of the workforce.
Provide a fully customization service, allowing various data formats to be captured via the application.


Designed to integrate with existing office applications via web services
Fully customization fields within the template that facilitate the capturing of relevant data.
Built-in Geo–intelligence feature which is available for work to ensure users receive an accurate reading of where the data has been captured or to navigate to the work location.
The service allows users to capture photos and record videos, attaching them alongside and post comments.
Capture digital signatures using their touch screen devices.
With all on mobile, the user can order the list based on pre-set conditions.
My App Center not requiring a data connection. Once things are downloaded to the device, the user no longer requires any network coverage to view, edit or complete work.


The application helped improve inter organisational processes.
Helped create a smoother flow of information & delegation of work.

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