Shopping App Development

My App Center, have develop high-end clothing line, m-commerce app. The app had a stylish design and allowed consumers to shop via mobile, find nearby stores, and scan product bar codes for more information in-store.

Our objective was to increase its global presence with an innovative yet functional app. The brand wanted to offer an easy, intuitive, and fast user experience. The new shopping app would allow consumers to purchase clothes, find store locations, and get exclusive product information by scanning bar codes.

Target Audience:
My App Center target audience was women who loved fashion and wanted to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Creative Strategy:
A high-end clothing retailer wanted its app to reflect the style and sophistication of its products and physical locations. The brand had advertised in the mobile space previously, but the app marked the first time it had m-commerce capabilities. By putting the store in the palm of consumers’ hands, we were able to extend its reach and make the purchase process seamless.

The brand used location-based targeting to serve ads for the app to relevant consumers when they were near physical locations. The app’s design and fluid functionality were built to replicate the ease of the in-store experience and reflect the style of consumer clothing. The app acted as an m-commerce site, where consumers could search for sales, purchase products, or create a wish list. It also provided directions to nearby locations, and could check to see if a product was in stock at a particular store. Once in a location, consumers could scan bar codes with the app and receive additional information on the product. Sales have increased significantly. The brand’s new m-commerce function allowed its reach to go global.

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